The ALPHA TITANIUM line is made for every spray task

This self-propelled sprayer is optimised for capacity and advanced performance at an affordable price. A range of intelligent features and equipment, such as automatic height control, track width adjustment and floating suspension, guarantees application precision and speed. Everything is controlled from the comfort of the EvoCab.

With its state-of-the-art interior, superior visibility and intuitive operator interface, the cab is designed with comfort, productivity and safety in mind. From the cab’s excellent air quality to the lower-than-average consumption of both fuel and chemicals, we are committed to protecting the farmer and minimise the environmental impacts.

Operate all spray and hydraulic functions directly from the cab with the right hand located SprayCenter

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More than 320° of unobstructed view, while ensuring the highest safety

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Lowering the consumption of plant protection product up to 30% – and reducing drift by an astonishing 80% at the same time

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Unparallelled level of comfort with hydraulic track width adjustment and FloatRide air suspension

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Tank: 4200 / 5100 l

Engines: Deutz 6 cyl. 245 hp / 160 kW (Stage V / Tier 4 final) or
Deutz 6 cyl. 217 hp / 160 kW (Tier 3a) - depending to country regulation.

SCR (selective catalytic reduction and an active DPF (Diesel PArticulate Filter) meeting the European enviromental standards.

Transmission with 3 driving modes: Road, Field, Slope

Controller: HC 9600, HC 9700 or ISOBUS

TurboFiller: High capacity, easy to operate

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4

Track width:
Manual adjustable axle 182-332 cm
Hydraulic adjustable axle 180-280 and 220-320 cm (HTA)

ALU boom: 24-44 m
DELTA FORCE: 24-39 m
TWIN FORCE: 18-36 m