Fast and efficient mixing

The HARDI TurboFiller is developed to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High mixing capacity
Liquid at high pressure is being used to create a powerful rotation inside the hopper. The rotational movement powerfully mixes powders and liquids as they are drawn into the sprayer. The highest capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

Very high vacuum and suction capacity
A large external ejector system creates a powerful vacuum that transfers powders and liquid directly into the tank.

Lance for cleaning
A cleaning lance is fitted as standard on the TurboFiller. This trigger valve with 1 m hose can be used for flushing the hopper or filling liquid into a container.

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