Sometimes you need distance to see things more clearly

The remote support package
Besides software, HARDI remote support comes with AR (augmented reality) smart glass technology.

Discover RealWear 520
These smart glasses are best-in-class- They are equipped with a high-definition camera, which comes in handy for taking pictures or making videos even in loud environments.

All hands-free with simple voice commands, making it easy for your technicians easy and safe to use.

– Identify and solve issues quickly
– Reduce downtime
– Increase productivity
– Expert guidance & training RealWear Navigator 520 2

How it works

When assistance is required, your technician needs to turn on the smart glasses with a built-in camera and connect to Remote eye.

This allows our logged-in HARDI expert to view what your technician is seeing in real-time through video streaming. In that way, our experts can guide your technician visually to solve the problem.

The result? Problems are identified faster, extra intervention costs are avoided, and downtime is reduced.

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