Strong, simple and steady

The PRO series will suit farmers looking for a regular but high-performing boom. An integrated lattice steel structure offers strength and rigidity for steady boom movement and application precision, even in challenging terrain. This hydraulic boom is easy to operate and requires little maintenance. Trapeze suspension increases lifespan and boom stability.

Regular hydraulics

The PRO boom is available in two models – a standard VHY model driven by tractor hydraulics and an upgraded VHZ model operated by electro-hydraulics, directly controlled via a compact panel in the tractor cabin. The VHY boom offers boom lift, fold and optional slant, to which the VHZ model adds several extra functions such as folding of a single boom arm or sections as well as tilting of either boom arm.

Known for its durability, the PRO boom with its reinforced boom hinges, ensures a steady boom in spraying position. The lattice structure ensures a strong and rigid boom; the basis for exact and uniform spray distribution. The nozzles, spray lines and hoses are all well protected within the boom design.

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