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Unsolicited application

We are always interested in hearing from skilled and motivated candidates who want to find out more about our company.

HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S has regular need for a wide range of production, technical, and commercial profiles. Our production departments include assembly, painting, and welding, as well as supply chain and warehouse. We employ a large number of industry professionals and technical specialists such as production and service technicians, as well as engineers with mechanical, systems, manufacturing and software skills.

HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S offers opportunities for commercial and corporate professionals – we have a diverse team within marketing and sales, finance, customer service and planning, supply chain, human resources and IT. We look for students and interns who are motivated, enthusiastic and who want to experience the real working world - at HARDI we provide them with a place to develop and apply their education in practice.

Feel free to send an unsolicited application - use the link above to your region and tell us more about yourself and your interest in HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S.

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