The EcoDrive Engine

Our advanced EcoDrive engine management system will give you more power and flexibility for managing torque with less noise. It also reduces fuel consumption by more than 30%. EcoDrive is standard on the ALPHA TITANIUM line and is a great companion with the Deutz 6 engine.

Hilly conditions
The EcoDrive will maintain a consistent driving speed with comfortable regulation and a constant low engine speed. For very hilly conditions, an optional powerful transmission can provide 50% of extra torque.

Accordingly to field conditions, ALPHA TITANIUM line offers Standard transmission, Differential lock, Hilly Terrain or Full electronic traction control.

Three driving modes
The operator can customise the ALPHA TITANIUM line’s transmission to suit the changing requirements of spraying, using three driving modes – Comfort, Normal and Power.

The engine

  • Deutz 6 cyl. 245 hp / 180 kW (Stage V / Tier 4 final)
  • Deutz 6 cyl. 217 hp / 160 kW (Tier 3a) – depending to country regulation
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