Light, nimble and easy to manoeuvre

The ALPHA TITANIUM line has been designed with an effective weight distribution between front and rear axles, with slightly more weight on the front (59% on the front with a TWIN FORCE 30 m boom) to strike a perfect balance between drive-ability and minimal compaction.

Precision steering
The ALPHA TITANIUM line is equipped with a permanent 4-wheel drive. Steering modes include 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering for high manoeuvrability, even on sloping terrain, in wet conditions or to protect sensitive soils. Transitions between steering modes are easily managed from the cabin. Re-alignment of the rear wheels is automatic. A lock is activated for road travel. On top of this, the ALPHA TITANIUM line is designed for a very small turning radius, down to 4.62 m for 4200 and 5.56 m for 5100.

For a higher level of control and safety in the field, the ALPHA can be equipped with the intelligent “path in path” feature, allowing the rear wheels to always follow the front wheels either manually, by to foot pedal, or automatically, which is especially useful on slopes. A slope sensor on the chassis permanently measures the slope to allow the angle of inclination of the wheels to be adjusted. It also automatically reverses the inclination of the wheels when the slope changes direction, for example in headlands. The ALPHA TITANIUM line also offer the optional AutoSteering. By using GPS signal, all straight driving is managed by the AutoSteering system, allowing perfect driving paths.

Following mudguards on high clearance
On high clearance models, near-wheel mudguard can be offered. The mudguards follow the wheels when turning and keeping the nozzles clean in dry and wet conditions. This option requires a minimum track width of 2,25 m.

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