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HARDI Australia is the global affiliate of leading spray technology manufacturer HARDI International.

We build the world's best sprayers here in Australia, with all the advantages of local backup. Combine this with our extensive dealer network and parts availability and you know we have you covered. HARDI is also known for our advanced technologies such as our highly efficient GeoSelect spot spraying platform and H-Select our unique droplet control system.

HARDI Australia meets every need with our extensive range of hand-held, pick-up, linkage, trailed and self-propelled sprayers from 1.5 litres to a whopping 10,000 litres and application options from handguns to 54.5 metre booms.

From pristine playing fields to vast crop paddocks, HARDI has you covered.

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GeoSelect's retrofit capability is one of its standout features. By integrating seamlessly with the COMMANDER, RUBICON, SARITOR, and ALPHA - farmers can leverage the benefits of precision farming without having to invest in new equipment. Retrofitting ensures that existing machines can be upgraded to the latest technology, enabling farmers to stay competitive while maximizing their return on investment.


HARDI Australia is proud to be part of the local agricultural and economic landscape.

At HARDI Australia, we combine the world's best innovations in spray technology with a deep, local knowledge of what makes farming tougher here than anywhere else. We understand quality drives productivity, and innovation brings efficiency. By building and supporting sprayers locally, HARDI is able to tailor world-class solutions to the unique scales, methods, and challenges of farming in Australia and New Zealand.

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HARDI is committed to ensuring the availability or replacement of HARDI parts for a minimum period of 10 years after a product has been phased out.

Most parts remain available far longer - helping to maximise your sprayer's useful life. Our specialist parts interpreters can assist you with what you need, when you need it, along with our dedicated Parts Distribution Centre and our network of highly trained dealers. 

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