Automated single nozzle control 

The AutoNozzleControl system automatically manages the opening and closing of individual nozzles so you can get full control of your spray job. 

Paired with the rapid spray control of our PrimeFlow system, the AutoNozzleControl enables precise application at enhanced driving speeds while minimising the overlaps.

Whether taking tight turns on the headland or manoeuvring through sensitive zones, this system empowers you to manage specific nozzles with unparalleled accuracy. 

Maximum precision 

The AutoNozzleControl system makes sure that each individual nozzle is controlled to perfection. It operates with sections as small as 50 cm. Thus, your field receives the proper treatment every time.

Switch to the auto mode and observe your sprayer optimise its performance. 

Key features: 

  • Achieve potential savings of up to 10% on chemicals 
  • Shield your crops from potential damage 
  • Minimise environmental impact for a more sustainable approach

Proven and Tested 

The test results on AutoNozzleControl demonstrates that farmers can save up to 10% on chemicals. For example, consider the treatment of a 10-hectare farm with an uneven terrain. 

In scenarios where manual switching is employed, there is an excess overlap of 1.2 hectares beyond the required coverage. In contrast, AutoNozzleControl substantially reduces this excess, with only approximately 0.2 hectares of additional coverage. Thus, the implementation of AutoNozzleControl translates to an overall reduction of around 10% in chemical usage making an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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