The EvoCab is designed with performance and driver safety and comfort in mind

HARDI’s main focus in developing the state-of-the-art EvoCab has been ergonomics. All features of the spacious cab – from the comfortable seat to the operator-friendly SprayCenter controller – are designed for maximum operator comfort.

The unique 3-pillar cab design ensures excellent visibility. Tinted safety glass all around, even at the rear of the cab, provides the operator with more than 335° unobstructed panoramic overview of operations, including clear lines of sight to the boom.

Safety & health
The spacious EvoCab is optimised for both safety and comfort. Equipped with an oversized automatic climate control suitable for extreme weather conditions, the cab provides a pleasant, quiet and stress-free work environment.

To protect the operator, the EvoCab is designed in accordance with Category 4 specifications for filtering and pressurisation, offering protection against dust, aerosols and vapours.

Comfortable seat
To provide the highest level of comfort – even when spending long hours in the field in rough conditions – the EvoCab is equipped with a fully adjustable suspension seat.

A passenger seat is located to the left of the operator, with an integrated, air-cooled refrigerator underneath.

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