In front of the field

The SARITOR with infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission delivers the traction to stay in front of the sprayer range.

SARITOR is HARDI-built from the ground up and sets new standards in broad acre spraying. It offers a 1,300 gal. tank capacity with 88 - 132 ft. TERRA FORCE BOOM or an ALU FORCE 120 - 132 ft. option.

Crop clearance is 54 in., and the track width can be hydraulically adjusted from 120 - 157.5 in. providing a large stable platform for boom stability.

Please note that the SARITOR is only for sale in North America and Australia


Everything you need is at your finger tips. All managed through the HC 9600 display and SprayCenter control console. Spraying has never been easier.

The joystick combines the hydrostatic drive and vital spraying control functions. Forward, reverse and braking are operated by pushing forward or pulling back on the joystick. Spray ON/OFF, section control, boom height and wing tilt functions are also managed from the joystick.

All the secondary control functions are managed from the SprayCenter.

Ride, clearance and track width

SARITOR delivers exceptional ride comfort and boom performance with the help of four large air bag suspension elements assisted by hydraulic shock absorbers.

The under chassis crop clearance is 54 in. and the track width is hydraulically adjusted from 120 - 157.5 in. At 157.5 in. wide track provides an exceptionally stable platform enhancing boom ride and performance.

Each wheel axle can be hydraulically adjusted independent on the others providing for the opportunity to run the front and rear at different track widths if required.


Built strong utilising heavy-duty threedimensional truss construction for high performance and is available in sizes 88 - 132 ft.

The TERRA FORCE truss boom design is able to withstand incredible yaw forces created during cornering, accelerating, braking and auto steering. These forces are absorbed through a hydraulically dampened parallelogram suspension system.

With on-the-go stability control the dynamic boom center can be set from the cab to suit the operating condition.

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