AutoFill – Fast and accurate filling

Set the volume, connect the hose – leave the rest to AutoFill, allowing the operator to carry out other tasks simultaneously.

  • No overfilling – AutoFill stops at programmed volume
  • Choose between maximum content or volume added
  • Start/stop control at the FluidBox in the WorkZone
  • Agitation is reduced automatically for maximum fill effect

AutoAgitation – Agitation at its best

Fully automatic agitation for minimal filling time.

  • Ensures even agitation as the tank empties
  • Maximum agitation without foaming
  • Minimal tank residues upon completion of spray job
  • Automatic readouts of tank contents on terminal
  • Manual override available through the FluidBox

AutoWash – Easy, accurate and safe cleaning

Reduces residues to best in class – using only 400 litres of rinsing water.

  • Operated from the tractor cabin
  • No contamination of operator and tractor cabin
  • No pesticide cross-contamination
  • Choose one of three rinse programme – the rest is automatic
  • In-field washing using multiple rinse operations
  • Five rotating rinse nozzles in main tank for a thorough wash

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