4665 65°

Flat spray nozzles
This nozzle provides an elliptical spray pattern (FlatFan) with a 65° angle. A uniform distribution is obtained, with correct overlap between spray patterns from adjacent nozzles. This nozzle has additional applications for industrial purposes.


Misting nozzles
This nozzle consists of a synthetic tip and a blue swirl plate (370156). The droplet spectrum is very fine.

The low capacity and extremely fine atomization make this nozzle useful for special purposes such as adjustment of air temperature and humidity in hot climates.

4625 25°

Flat spray nozzles
This nozzle provides an elliptical spray pattern (FLATFAN) with a 25° angle. The narrow spray angle results in a high impact spray, which is well suited for cleaning as well as for spraying trees and bushes, where a long range is very useful.


Deflector spray nozzles
Deflector spray nozzle of synthetic material. This nozzle type produces a round spray pattern (360°).

The speed of the droplets is low, producing a slowly dispersing cloud. The atomization and dispersion are optimal between 1 to 5 bar. Useful for raising humidity in greenhouses etc

Container rinsing nozzles

These nozzles are mainly used for washing out residues in chemical containers and bags. Can also be used for some irrigation purposes. Tests have shown that the most efficient way of cleaning chemical containers is by using these rinsing nozzles.

Tank cleaning nozzles

This nozzle is made for cleaning the insides of sprayer tanks. The different angle of the 8 solid streams ensures a excellent rinsing of the entire inside surface of the sprayer tank.

HARDI recommends the use of a cleaning agent to ensure sufficient cleaning of the tank.

5066 Agitation nozzles

This nozzle type is used for tank agitation.

The venturi effect of the nozzle increases the agitation several times in relation to the liquid passing through the calibrated part of the nozzle.

Useful for a fast and continuous mixing of for example pesticides in suspension.

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