JUPITER is the leader in this market segment; benefiting from invaluable grower experiences and technical expertise.

JUPITER has at its heart the highest of air performing kits. Choose from the most powerful air kits; symmetric air flow, SF 65 - 65.000 m3/h or SF85 - 85.000 m3/h or the XF90 - 100.000 to 120.000 m3/h.

Has trusted performance with the HD HARDI two speed gearbox – and neutral position to secure many years' rentability in the tough hot conditions so often met in orchard spraying.

HARDI pumps for most sprayer output needs from 73 to 194 l/min.

Performance and Capacity

HARDI orchard sprayers will meet all your needs; from the very gentle spraying of high valued berries to treating the highest of fruits in tall tree canopies.

Benefit from outstanding work rates. Choose the tank size and spraying method to meet your needs and time restraints.

Safety features

To meet all your expectations.

Filling, mixing and loading your trailed mistblower exceed every standard with the compact TurboFiller.

Undiluted liquid formulations are induced safely and at speed. Dry formulations can be premixed and induced too. No mess, no hold back, no spills, no need for buckets and stirring sticks.


Tank: 1500 / 2000 / 3000 l.

Clean Water Tank: 15 l.

Agitation: 2 venturi bottom of the tank, 1 in front, 2 in the wheel area

Pump: 364/7 - 145 l/min

RinseTank: 140 / 190 / 290 l.

PTO Shaft: T300 - 1 Homokinetic

FluidBox: FB3610

Gearbox: 2 gears + neutral (3,5 / n / 4,4)