Efficient and durable, tailored for entry and mid-level farms for consistent results

For entry and mid-level farms striving for consistent results and streamlined operations, the NAVIGATOR BASE is the perfect choice. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind, this entry-level trailed sprayer seamlessly combines the fundamental essentials of efficient spraying. While it might be modest in its specifications, it upholds HARDI’s commitment to quality and functionality. Explore the NAVIGATOR BASE’s features and see how it’s tailored to meet the evolving needs of growing agricultural enterprises.

DELTA FORCE boom: Rugged and reliable

With the heavy-duty robustness expected of HARDI, the DELTA FORCE boom comes in three configurations: 20m, 21m, and 24m. Integrated anti-yaw ensures stability and precision, even under demanding conditions.

ActiveSlant boom management for consistent efficiency

The NAVIGATOR BASE introduces you to the world of ActiveSlant boom management. This feature automatically adjusts the boom angle to the crop or ground, ensuring optimal spray coverage and reducing the risk of boom damage.

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SmartCom ISOBUS: The modern farming touch

Harness the power of ISOBUS technology with SmartCom. Seamlessly integrate and control your equipment for an efficient, smooth-running operation.

Quality at an unbeatable price

The NAVIGATOR BASE symbolises HARDI’s commitment to top-notch quality and performance. Although affordable, this low and mid-entry machine retains the impeccable standards set by the standard NAVIGATOR.

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IntelliTrack for precision and safety 

Navigate with confidence with IntelliTrack. Offering perfect tracking, this system comes with integrated safety features, ensuring accuracy in spraying and peace of mind.

User-friendly operations

Simple, straightforward, and effective. The NAVIGATOR BASE is
designed with easy manual operation in mind, making it accessible for farmers at any tech level.

TurboFiller with TurboDeflector

Speed and efficiency come standard with the TurboFiller. The added TurboDeflector ensures an even, precise fill, maximising operational efficiency.

Invest in growth, invest in efficiency

The NAVIGATOR BASE stands as the beacon of choice for emerging farms and those looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Experience the best of HARDI at a fraction of the price.

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