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The all-new HARDI AEON is a high-tech sprayer guided by the principles of lean farming – to do more with less. We have used the latest technology and the newest automation solutions to allow farmers to improve productivity while reducing waste. The AEON sets a new benchmark for increasing food production in the face of growing environmental and climatic concerns.

Excellent tank design for perfect weight distribution 

The AEON comes in four sizes: 4200, 5200, 6000, and 7000 litres. Each size is designed to meet specific requirements of the farming operation. The result is a novel design with a wedgeshaped front, this guarantees complete tank emptying, even in hilly terrain.

Perfect weight distribution is achieved with dual RinseTanks fitted on both sides of the sprayer towards its front to keep weight on the drawbar. By transferring weight to the tractor, better traction is achieved towards the end of spraying.

PulseSystem keeps the nozzles open from 30-100% at the same pressure flow while ensuring the droplet size is unaffected. Therefore, the same nozzle can be used at several different driving speeds.

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Maximum stability by preventing sloshing liquid from disturbing the machine’s balance while on the move, while guaranteed complete tank emptying, even in hilly terrain.

Eliminate excess crop damage with ComfortTrack wheel steering, allowing for a large steering angle of 27° - securing a small turning radius of only 6.3 m.

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With perfect tracking, full suspension and remote-operated spraying system, The AEON offers outstanding boom stability, spraying precision and drift control.

Presenting the latest in sprayer innovation

With its sleek design, smooth surfaces and covers to protect all vital parts, the AEON is your working companion for all conditions

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Increase work rates with automatic nozzle change on-the-go in response to changing field and weather conditions – all operated from the cabin

AutoSelect Duo

With its features meant for perfect boom control at high speed, the DELTA FORCE boom is your choice for conventional boom system, while it's unique three-dimensional design allows for a narrow boom in transport despite sizes from 24-39 m. 

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The TWIN FORCE boom employs the world’s best system for spray control. Using an adjustable curtain of air to entrain and direct the spray, TWIN FORCE can reduce drift by an astounding 80%, allowing you to save time, money and reduce the environmental impact

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Tank: 4200 / 5200 l

Pump: 464-280 / 464H-334

RinseTank: 560 l

Clean water tank: 40 l

Track: ComfortTrack

Controller: HC 9700

TurboFiller: Efficient handling of liquid and powder

Liquid system: DynamicFluid4 for precise application in all conditions 

TWIN FORCE 24-30 m