Full integration with HARDI TWIN system

Together with the TWIN system, which already has best-in-class drift reduction and penetration characteristics, the HARDI PulseSystem is an essential additional step forward in controlling where pesticides are deposited directly from the driver’s seat.

Combining two innovative drift-reducing technologies, HARDI has developed an application system with the potential to deliver the least amount of drift on the market.

Wide flow-rate with one nozzle size

By opening and closing the nozzles, the HARDI PulseSystem can keep the nozzles open from 30-100% at the same pressure flow while ensuring the droplet size is unaffected. Therefore, the same nozzle can be used at several different driving speeds.

At the same time, drift is minimised while the flow rate is optimised, as the most optimal droplet size can be maintained, unlike a conventional system where more drift will occur the more liquid you try to squeeze through the nozzles.

Reduce chemical consumption and environmental impact with CurveControl

Thanks to the CurveControl function, chemicals are saved, and the environmental impact is reduced in fields with many curves or when spraying around windmill towers or remises. Here, a minimum of spray liquid is applied at the inside and full flow, where the boom runs fast at the outer wings. This automatically prevents over and under-dosing.

  • Uses pulsation rather than pressure to maintain the correct application volume per nozzle
  • The solenoid valve turn the flow to the nozzles on and off, 20 times a second to control their flow
  • Wide flow-rate with one nozzle size from 30 to 100% variation

Automatic switching on and off individual nozzles

In addition, the PulseSystem works with a single nozzle on/off – on a 36 m boom, all 72 nozzles are open and closed on nozzle level. This can be done, for example, via digital application maps. The spray job can be done in small spots, the spot size depends on the spray width of the nozzle and a speed-related security level, which is set up to open the nozzle early enough to hit the target. Depending on the amount of weed spots in the field, at the time of application, the saving potential is up to 90% compared to a complete broad spray of the field.

The HARDI PulseSystem is supplied for the conventional DELTA FORCE boom on AEON and NAVIGATOR, as well as the TWIN boom on AEON. 

* Only available for certain markets. Not available for Australia and New Zealand 

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