Higher flexibility

You can for example use one drift reducing nozzle in headland or at sensitive buffer zones and a ”normal” FlatFan or LowDrift nozzle in the rest of the field. The driver is also able to react on weather conditions and change nozzles on the go if wind conditions have changed since the start of the spraying job.

Excellent at speed changes
If you need to run with big changes in speed, AutoSelectDuo can automatically and instantly change between two sizes of nozzles, so one nozzles work can be taken over by a larger nozzle, at higher speeds. This will result in a higher droplet quality and a better application.

Change of dose during the spraying job
If you need to change dose in the field, this can be done by changing to a more suitable nozzle on the go - without compromising the spraying quality. You have the possibility to use 9 to 13 sections and maximum 8 nozzles per section. AutoSelectDuo works with air pressure. If you have a pneumatic braking system on your tractor, your air source is already provided. If not, an air compressor is available as an option.

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