The WorkZone – Intuitive operation

The WorkZone on the left hand side of the sprayer provides the operator with safe control of all sprayer functions – filling, mixing, agitation and spraying. 

  • Comfortable, large and secure WorkZone
  • FluidBox 8000 groups main sprayer functions on one screen
  • TurboFiller with integrated work table
  • Waterproof 40-litre SafetyLocker

FluidBox 8000

The intelligent FluidBox 8000 gives quick and direct access to common operations on one screen, including AutoFill, AutoAgitation and AutoWash.

  • Intuitive colour interface
  • Simplified, integrated calculator for sprayer preparation
  • On/Off and emergency stop for all functions 
  • Nozzle test


TurboFiller – Fast and efficient mixing

The shape of the hopper and its special TurboDeflector at the bottom create a cyclone effect to incorporate even the most difficult-to-mix compounds.

  • Rapid filling and transfer into the main tank
  • High mixing capacity for powders and liquids
  • 35 l capacity with stainless steel contents indicator 
  • Hopper with an integrated table at work height
  • Built-in rinsing system – 2 rinse nozzles and 1 external lance
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