HC 8700 / HC 9700

The HC 9700 terminal integrates all important information on one screen to give you a complete overview of a spray job. The 12.1” multicolour HD touch screen allows for 2D and 3D as well as split screen viewing.

Easy data transfer
Fitted with USB ports and WiFi adapter, the HC 9700 allows for easy data exchange with the objective to simplify application reporting and record keeping. Data can be transferred to most farm management software.

Work from your phone or tablet
Use your mobile device or tablet to perform calibration, diagnostics, tank refilling and many other sprayer activities. The XTEND technology uses WiFi to extend the user interface to any iOS or Android device.

Ready for field maps
The HC 9700 terminal offers the possibility to import/export parcel maps in ISOXML format. Hereafter, you can use AutoSectionControl to shut off boom sections automatically in accordance with the map – applying the right dose to the right place at the right time. Avoiding excessive spraying reduces expenses and greens your business.

HC 5500

The HC 5500 is a powerful computer making the spray features easier and safer to use and easily supplies more information when needed. It is the obvious choice where features like advanced farming tools are desired. The operator is instantly informed of the operation status and warned if vital parameters like pressure, speed, etc. are incorrect.

It is advanced farming, ready with up to 98 register and connection possibilities to a site-specific application map or a remote sensor.

Complete integration

The complete integration of all important information on one work screen is a highly demanded criterion for most farmers. The HARDI touch-screen controller series are very easy to operate while providing an optimal overview for maximum control of the spray job.

All HARDI touch-screen terminals are ISOBUS terminals and made for spraying purpose. In combination with the Grip and the SetBox the operation in the field is easy and fast.

Integrated electronics
From the working screen, the driver can operate AutoSlant, AutoSectionControl as well as guidance and dosing. The map screen view can 2D or 3D. The HC 9600, HC 8700 and HC 9700 screens are able to divide the information with split screen for a better overview.

Data management and data transfer
The USB ports and the WiFi adapter allows data to be exchanged. This simplifies application reporting, providing an easy way to generate detailed application reports for governmental record keeping. The data can be transferred to different farm management software.

ISOBUS terminal
The SmartCom system is always ISOBUS. The customer can order a sprayer and use AutoSectionControl direct from his own ISOBUS terminal if supported. To make the complex sprayer operation easier, the proven HARDI Grip and Setbox are standard equipment.

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