ComfortTrack wheel steering

Equipped with ComfortTrack wheel steering, the AEON will always track the tractor’s rear wheels, even on tight turns, eliminating excess crop damage. The sprayer’s compact design allows for a large steering angle of 27°. The combination of ComfortTrack and full suspension secures a small turning radius of only 6.3 m along with perfect boom position, also when turning on the headland. 


  • Large steering angle
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Effective regardless of tractor speed
  • Reverse gear with automatic re-centering
  • Steering possible with the boom in transport position

ComfortTrack turns the wheels, not the axle, and the long mudguards follow the wheels, keeping the nozzles clean in dry and wet conditions. 

The AEON allows for large-diameter wheels with big footprints for better load distribution and less soil compaction. With 520/85R46 tyres, the axle clearance is 81 cm.

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