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HARDI's current initiatives on innovation 

With the acceleration of climate change, resource depletion and threats to natural ecosystems, one of the major challenges is to meet future food demands in a sustainable manner.

HARDI is therefore developing future-ready solutions that help our customers to maximise yield while reducing their environmental impacts, optimising the management of natural resources and complying with regulatory standards. We provide a range of products that improve agricultural productivity and are continuously developing more innovative technological solutions.

Thus, as part of our commitment to a better environment, HARDI develops technologies that lead to fewer residues in food, drinking water, and the environment, thus reducing plant protection product use.

The following are HARDI's current initiatives on innovative approaches to sustainability.

HARDI TWIN FORCE – Reduction of Drift up to 80% 

What is a spray drift?
According to ISO 22866, spray drift is the amount of spray material that does not reach the target due to the wind at the time of application. The drift quantity that is experienced will always be closely related to the prevailing wind speed. 

A new test by Aarhus University in Denmark, using a HARDI COMMANDER TWIN FORCE sprayer, shows that HARDI TWIN FORCE minimises the environmental impact of spraying by lowering the consumption of plant protection products up to 30% and reduces drift by 80% at the same time. The result is close to no loss of plant protection products or contamination of adjacent areas.

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PulseSystem - Drop size control for drift reduction

Unlike a conventional system where more drift occurs the more liquid you try to squeeze through the nozzles, the PulseSystem has the ability to maintain the size of the selected droplets. Therefore, the flow rate is optimised with drift minimisation as the most optimal droplet size can be maintained.

Similarly, by using CurveControl, individual nozzles are moderated so that the spraying application is the same throughout the boom. This results in the minimisation of chemical consumption, which in turn contributes to the minimisation of environmental impact.

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Minimal overlaps with HARDI AutoNozzleControl 

With the AutoNozzleControl system, each nozzle is controlled automatically which is unique since the sprayer works with sections of 50cm in auto mode. AutoNozzleControl also enables the controller to switch off specific nozzles, when turning on the headland and when spraying next to sensitive areas.

This feature results in minimal overlapping with ultra-precise spraying which allows farmers to save up to 10% on chemicals. Therefore contributing towards crop damage avoidance as well as minimising environmental impacts.  

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Field Mapping Integration 

The HARDI touch-screen controller series is very easy to operate while providing an optimal overview for maximum control of the spray job. As precision is key to spraying, The HC 9700 controller offers the possibility to use ISOXML field maps in conjunction with preferred farm management software. This results in applying the right dose to the right place at the right time in order to avoid excessive spraying. 

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10 Selected HARDI innovations that helped to change farming

 Since our start in 1957, HARDI has been committed to the ever-increasing demands for efficient and precise crop protection.  Over the years, HARDI has made numerous major innovations that have helped change the farming industry for a better and more sustainable farming future. 

Revolutionizing the farming industry by being the first to utilize diaphragm pumps, today HARDI’s latest innovation, GeoSelect is bringing farming into a new sustainable direction. To continue with this tradition, HARDI invests highly in Research and Development in a number of projects that are highly focused on improving technology, as better technology means minimisation of crop protection products. 

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