HARDI invests in two new laser cutters – improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption

Instalments of new laser cutters 

Plate and tube laser are key components within HARDI’s production process, used for cutting flat sheet metal and metal tubes, respectively, for constructing the structural components of the sprayers, such as frames, booms, brackets, and panels. 

We at HARDI are pleased to announce the recent integration of new laser cutters in our production facility in Denmark. In our ongoing efforts to optimise our manufacturing processes, we are replacing five older laser cutters with a new plate and tube laser.  

The key drivers behind this investment lie in the substantial increase in cutting speed, combined with the reduced energy requirements. Furthermore, the significance of this upgrade extends to our commitment to producing while reducing. 

Enhancing efficiency and sustainability efforts

The efficiency of our operations takes a considerable leap with the introduction of the new laser cutters. Depending on the thickness of the materials, it can cut up to 3 - 4 times faster than our previous models. This ensures a substantially quicker production cycle, a truly commendable improvement. 

The newer cutting technology requires less energy input, which in turn contributes to reduced CO2 emissions. Hence, this project plays a pivotal role in our initiative to reduce our carbon footprint throughout the HARDI value chain. 

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our product development, manufacturing process and product focus on continuous improvement in order to contribute to combating the global challenge of sustainable resource use.

Through each step of the product's lifecycle, we are committed to the ongoing investigation of solutions, which will contribute to our support of a more circular economy. 

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