Supplying clean drinking water to Ukraine with our partner, MuchMoreWater

During the severe floods in Pakistan in 2022, Danish National Emergency Management Agency was stationed for 2 months in the flooded area, setting up and maintaining 7 units of water purification systems made by our partner MuchMoreWater. By turning contaminated water into clean drinking water, they helped secure, clean drinking water for 100.000 people.

With the help of the HARDI pump, the BlueBox was able to run up to 20 hours per day for two months, producing up to 100,000 l. of clean drinking water per day.

Now, in 2023, HARDI is proud to announce continued efforts to provide clean drinking water in Ukraine together with our long-term partner, MuchMoreWater. We are grateful to have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in Ukraine by supplying the HARDI Pumps. 

HARDI Pumps can run in a wide range of air temperatures, from as low as -10°C in Ukraine to as high as +40°C in Pakistan. Therefore, the HARDI Pump makes it ideal for use in a wide range of climate regions, as it can withstand extreme temperatures at low maintenance. 

One BlueBox purification unit can purify more than 10,000 l. of dirty water into clean drinkable water daily. Sponsored by the Danish Red Cross, the purification units will significantly contribute to making a difference in the war-affected areas for the local population in Ukraine. 

We are honoured to be able to contribute to this project and look forward to continuing our partnership with MuchMoreWater. We would also like to thank Danish Red Cross and our dealer network for making this operation a success.