Automated single nozzle on/off feature – What is it all about?

Would you like to achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy in the application of your spray?

The HARDI AutoNozzleControl is a feature that allows you to switch off any specific nozzles when necessary. With the highest level of control and comfort, turning on the headline or spraying next to sensitive areas is now easier than ever.

In combination with the instant spray control offered by the HARDI PrimeFlow system, AutoNozzleControl gives you ultra-precise spraying and faster driving with minimal overlapping. 

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Real Benefits to the Farmers

The benefits of spot spraying with AutoNozzleControl are numerous. One of the majors is avoiding crop damage and saving chemical costs. 

Whether weeds are identified by drone, satellite, or boom camera on the sprayer, spot spraying of specific fields has fantastic prospects. The HARDI AutoNozzleControl feature helps farmers to improve farm operations, reduce plant protection products and increase the quality of the crops.

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Successful Tests and Demonstrations

AutoNozzleControl has been tested and demonstrated successfully in many applications. One of the recent demonstrations was showcased at the Velas Maskintræf 2022 (Machinery trade fair) in Horsens, Denmark.

The demonstration presented that HARDI AutoNozzleControl can result in significant pesticide savings, avoid crop damage and minimise environmental impacts. 

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Spot Spraying Demonstration with HARDI NAVIGATOR

Similarly, in the field trial requested by Erfa Group, carried out in Nørager Estate Denmark, it has shown to reduce pesticide use by 65%. Despite the tall fescue grass field, this trial showed that spot spraying with HARDI AutoNozzleControl is certainly efficient and with maximum precision. 

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