Why should I choose a self-propelled sprayer?

Positive return on investment 

The sprayer is often the most used implement on the farm and is, therefore, an important investment. A self-propelled sprayer will very quickly show a positive return on investment on any farm of 1000 hectares or more, reducing the amount of time spent spraying.

It is not just the advantage of reducing time – the self-propelled sprayer’s manoeuvrability also improves accessibility. Furthermore, the ALPHA also provides an additional financial benefit, consuming only 0.8 l/ha of diesel (depending on tank and boom size).

Tractors are often equipped specifically for the task and therefore may be tied to a sprayer all season. The cost of investment is generally greater for a tractor and sprayer together compared with a self-propelled sprayer alone; this means a higher investment cost for the same task.

High stability at higher spraying speed 

The HARDI self-propelled range provides a track width from 1.8 m to over 4 m, which allows it to meet the varying row distance requirements of row crops such as potatoes, maize, sunflowers, cotton etc. The track width can be adjusted from the driver’s seat. Furthermore, it offers high stability in hilly terrain and at high spraying speeds.  

The high clearance chassis of ALPHA evo III of 1.2 m or 1.65 m allows rapeseed, sunflower, and other tall crops to pass freely under the sprayer drive train. Even when spraying potato, a relatively low crop, the high clearance avoids damage to the plants. Most tractors have a clearance of only 65 cm, which could potentially result in damaged plants beneath the tractor.

Less crop damage and powerful traction control

For example, when spraying an area of 1 hectare with a boom of 24 m, a tractor sprayer with a track of 1,8 m will damage at least 624 m2; this equates to approx. 6 % of the field with a setback of 25% to 75% per tramline. In potatoes, the tramline is typically 2,25 m. Within a harvest at 50 tons/hectare, this is a significant loss of revenue, as the tramline is 9,4 % of the field. 

The same observation can be applied to dense wheat, rapeseed, sweet corn, sunflower, cotton and many more crops. A self-propelled sprayer with higher clearance will not cause such damage to the crop.

The ALPHA weighs only 13 tons (excl. the tank liquid) and has a 50:50 weight distribution, which ensures a firm grip with both a full or empty tank. Equipped with complete traction control, known as ASR from the car industry, the ALPHA can drive through wet and muddy fields, where  e.g. a combined 6-axle system – a 12-ton tractor and 9-ton loaded trailer - would have to wait for better conditions.

Driver's comfort 

At a height of 335 cm, the driver’s cabin provides excellent visibility, ensuring control over the direction and spray boom, which is placed behind the cabin. The comfortable, low-noise cabin is protected with an active carbon filter Cat 4. Comfort is further increased by the driver’s seat being equipped with air suspension. Combined with the drive suspension, this creates an extremely comfortable driver experience, even on the longest day. 

The drive and spray control centre is integrated with all spray tasks, while a tractor cabin often requires the installation of additional control boxes. 


The ALPHA evo III is one of the most versatile high-capacity self-propelled sprayers on the market.
All spray and hydraulic functions are fully controlled from the EvoCab. Primary switch functions are located within easy reach at the right-hand seat-mounted SprayCenter, while secondary switch functions are grouped directly above the operator’s head.

Pneumatic suspension 

Its kinematics comes from the HARDI SARITOR broadacre self-propelled which allows ndependent wheel movements. One airbag placed on each side with levelling valve to maintain the same height and comfort independently of tank fill and speed.
Dampers to stabilize the suspension by damping all axle movements.
Airbags for absorbing impacts. As the absorption is achieved by air volume, two extra tanks extend the air capacity of each airbag for rough conditions and high speeds.

Field access, easy maneuverability, no crop damage

The short wheelbase of the ALPHA self-propelled is just 4.35 m. Combined with the 4-wheel steering, this makes it possible to manoeuvre through any field gate, not to mention the reduced headland needed to enter the rows without damaging the crop. For example, with a turning radius of only 4.62 m, the ALPHA 4200 litres cannot be matched by a tractor and trailer. 

Drift reduction

When spraying in windy conditions, the downward directed air stream of the air-assisted TWIN boom sprayers ensures that drift is reduced, and spray loss is minimized in windy conditions. Depending on the crop type, this improves spray efficiency and reduces chemical use by approximately 30%.

Full ISOBUS control

The ISOBUS and AEF certified HC 9700 terminal integrates all important information on one screen to give you a complete overview of a spray job. The 12.1” multi colour HD touch screen allows for 2D and 3D as well as split-screen viewing.

The ALPHA is approved and certified
– Agrirouter ready

Ready for field maps

The HC 9700 terminal offers the possibility to import/export parcel maps in ISOXML format. Hereafter, you can use AutoSectionControl to shut off boom sections automatically in accordance with the map – applying the right dose to the right place at the right time. Avoiding excessive spraying reduces expenses and greens your business.

HC 9700 benefits:
– High application precision
– Less usage of chemicals
– No overlapping area