Meet Max Johansen from Sweden, who has just received his new COMMANDER 4500 l. with TWIN FORCE. Max has a family-owned business with dairy cows and crop farming. 

Max plans to takeover at least half of the business within one or two years as he is studying to be an operations manager. 

TWIN FORCE because …
Max – why did you choose TWIN FORCE?

"The main reason was that I couldn't see any other technology in the market that offered that number of spraying days and higher capacity."

Also, the TWIN gets the chemicals down with air assisted spraying when you are spraying with fungicides or plant growth regulators. So, it was a pretty easy choice for us. 

“We couldn't find any other technology that offered that number of spraying days and higher capacity.”

Automatic boom height 
Max - How do you think the boom height works? 

"I think it's stable and you can rely on it. You don't have to sit head-backed all the time in order to keep track of where the boom is. The AutiTerrain solves this itself so I think it works well." 

AutoNozzle Control 
What do you think about the Automatic nozzle control? 

Max says that it's the latest technology available in the market. So it was obvious choice to choose it and it's worked so far. 
"We ran it couple of weeks ago. I haven't had time to run with it that much yet but I expect it to work well. 

What do you think about the SafeTrack on COMMANDER? 

"You can drive faster on the turnaround, you don't have to hold back as much as in the same way. So, I think it's a boost from the last NAVIGATOR. I think it's effective in every way." 
Max also explains that he is happy as he does not have to back out to the corners of the sprayers the same way as with other sprayers. 

How would you rate the overall sprayer?

"I know that the COMMANDER is a modern technology. It's a proven model and has been around since 2005. And we are not seeing any issues with it."