Spot spraying with HARDI AutoNozzleControl

Successful demonstration at Velas Maakintræf

HARDI participated at Velas Maskintræf 2022, with the HARDI AEON TWIN sprayer where HARDI demonstrated the AutoNozzleControl – single nozzle on/off. 

The video illustrates small weed occurrences in fields with small plots illustrated with 1.5 m2 tarpaulins, which were mapped on a GPS map provided with the coordinates. As can be seen here, the AutoNozzleControl automatically turns the nozzles on and off as required.

The demonstration was carried out on 15th – 16th September 2022 at Bygholm Agricultural School in Horsens, Denmark. The demonstration presented that AutoNozzleControl can result in significant pesticide savings as well as avoid crop damage and reduce environmental impacts. 

An Overview of AutoNozzleControl

AutoNozzleControl is a feature that controls each nozzle automatically and switches off specific nozzles when needed. First, a field map is done in order to get an overview of the areas needing treatment. Thereafter, your controller gives a complete overview of the spray job by allowing the operator to shut off specific nozzles automatically in accordance with the respective maps. 

AutoNozzleControl works in conjunction with the PrimeFlow system, a pressure-fed boom fluid system. In addition to providing ultra-precise spraying, the system also provides increased driving speed and minimizes overlap when spraying.