Simplify Your Spray Jobs with AEF Certified HARDI HC 9700 Controller

Complete Overview of Your Spray Job at Your Fingertips

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your spray jobs, the HARDI HC 9700 Controller is the solution you need.

The HARDI HC 9700 is AEF certified for guaranteed reliability. All the essential information required for a spray job is consolidated onto your screen, giving you a complete overview of the spray job. 

By offering effortless data transfer choices and being compatible with numerous farm management systems including Agrirouter, the HC 9700 enables you to simplify application reporting and record keeping. 

Ready for Agrirouter 

You can manufacture independent data exchange to the Agrirouter platform using the HC 9700 terminal's Agrirouter application.

Application or Spot spray task created in a Farm-Management-Information system (FMIS) can easily be transferred via Agrirouter to the controller and started with one button click. Upon completion of the job, the HC 9700 controller will send the data to the FMIS.

Easy, Efficient and Flexible! 

From improved accuracy to increased productivity, the HARDI HC 9700 Controller has a lot to offer. It is designed to provide a reliable, seamless integration and a user-friendly interface. 

Key Benefits:

  • Easy data transfer
  • Work from your phone or tablet 
  • Ready for field maps 
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