An intelligent capacity sprayer, what makes HARDI ALPHA evo III unique?

The ALPHA evo III is made for every spray task

This self-propelled sprayer is optimised for capacity and advanced performance at an affordable price. A range of intelligent features and equipment, such as automatic height control, track width adjustment and floating suspension, guarantees application precision and speed. Everything is controlled from the comfort of the EvoCab. With its state-of-the-art interior, superior visibility and intuitive operator interface, the cab is designed with comfort, productivity and safety in mind. From the cab’s excellent air quality to the lower-than-average consumption of both fuel and chemicals, we commit to protecting the farmer and the environment.

Full control from the cabin

All functions are fully controlled from the cab and underline the level of optimization, the driver controls all spray and hydraulic functions directly from the cab with the right hand located on the SprayCenter.

Drivers safety

To give the operator an optimized view in all directions, the ALPHA evo III is developed with a ”3-pillar-concept”, giving more than 335° of unobstructed view, while ensuring the highest safety, thanks to the category 4 cabin standard.

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Save chemicals and minimize drift

Minimizing the environmental impact of spraying by lowering the consumption of plant protection products up to 30% – and reducing drift by an astonishing 80% at the same time – the air-assisted TWIN FORCE boom will give you the best return on investment for your bank and climate accounts.

The conventional DELTA FORCE is a versatile boom that can be modified to suit all requirements. The many combinations of widths and folds offer the farmer great flexibility.

Obtain full control of your spray job with the automated single nozzle on/off feature – AutoNozzleControl – that not only save you up to 10% chemicals but also gives you ultra-precise spraying with minimal overlapping, which minimises the environmental impact.

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Comfort and flexibility

To offer you full flexibility in the field, the ALPHA evo III can be equipped with hydraulic track width adjustment – and together with the FloatRide air suspension, you will get an unparalleled level of comfort.

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Complete integration

Full ISOBUS control
The ISOBUS and AEF certified HC 9700 terminal integrates all important information on one screen to give you a complete overview of a spray job. The 12.1” multicolour HD touch screen allows for 2D and 3D as well as split-screen viewing.

The ALPHA is approved and certified:
•    ENTAM
•    Agrirouter ready

Easy data transfer

Fitted with USB ports and a WiFi adapter, the HC 9700 allows for easy data exchange with the objective to simplify application reporting and record keeping. Data can be transferred to most farm management software.

Work from your phone or tablet

Use your mobile device or tablet to perform calibration, diagnostics, tank refilling and many other sprayer activities. The XTEND technology uses WiFi to extend the user interface to any iOS or Android device.

Ready for field maps

The HC 9700 terminal offers the possibility to import/export parcel maps in ISOXML format. Hereafter, you can use AutoSectionControl to shut off boom sections automatically in accordance with the map – applying the right dose to the right place at the right time. Avoiding excessive spraying reduces expenses and greens your business.

HC 9700 benefits:
•    High application precision
•    Less usage of chemicals
•    No overlapping areas

GPS-controlled AutoSectionControl

Intelligent application - Minimise chemical usage and cost

Excess usage of chemicals is reduced with the GPS-controlled AutoSectionControl as a supplement to the manual guidance system. AutoSectionControl opens and closes boom sections automatically to avoid spraying headlands or other areas more than once. Not only is this of benefit to the farmer and his economy, but also to the environment.

Automated single nozzle control for maximum precision

Obtain full control of your spray job with our automated single nozzle on/off feature – AutoNozzleControl. In combination with the instant spray control offered by our PrimeFlow system, AutoNozzleControl gives you ultra-precise spraying and faster driving speed with minimal overlapping.

AutoNozzleControl also allows you to switch off specific nozzles when turning on the headland and when spraying next to sensitive areas.

The system controls each nozzle automatically. In auto mode, the sprayer works with sections of 50 cm

AutoNozzleControl benefits:
•    Save up to 10% chemicals
•    Avoid crop damage
•    Minimise the environmental impact.

Farmer focus

The WorkZone – Intuitive operation
The WorkZone on the left-hand side of the sprayer provides the operator with safe control of all sprayer functions – filling, mixing, agitation and spraying.

The WorkZone has protective covers that swing upwards to provide the operator with covered space for work in all kinds of weather.
•    Comfortable, large and secure WorkZone
•    Easy access to filters
•    Remote access to engine RPM and the pump
•    All stationary spraying operations can be performed from the FluidBox next to the TurboFiller, without the need to enter the cabin
•    Hydraulically operated lift system, brings the TurboFiller with an integrated work table, to your safe and comfortable working position

TurboFiller – Fast and efficient mixing

The shape of the hopper and its special TurboDeflector at the bottom create a cyclone effect to incorporate even the most difficult-to-mix compounds.
•    Rapid filling and transfer into the main tank
•    High mixing capacity for powders and liquids
•    35 l capacity with stainless steel contents indicator
•    Hopper with an integrated table at work height
•    Rinse gun for cleaning larger bottle and hose down powder
•    Built-in rinsing system – 2 rinse nozzles and 1 external lance

Freedom of movement

Light, nimble and easy to manoeuvre

The ALPHA evo III has been designed with an effective weight distribution between front and rear axles, with slightly more weight on the front (59% on the front with a TWIN FORCE 30 m boom) to strike a perfect balance between drive-ability and minimal compaction.

Following mudguards on high clearance

On high clearance models, near-wheel mudguard can be offered. The mudguards follow the wheels when turning and keeping the nozzles clean in dry and wet conditions. This option requires a minimum track width of 2,25 m.

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Precision steering

The ALPHA evo III is equipped with a permanent 4-wheel drive. Steering modes include 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering for high manoeuvrability, even on sloping terrain, in wet conditions or to protect sensitive soils. Transitions between steering modes are easily managed from the cabin. Re-alignment of the rear wheels is automatic. A lock is activated for road travel. On top of this, the ALPHA evo III is designed for a very small turning radius, down to 4.62 m for 4200 and 5.56 m for 5100.

For a higher level of control and safety in the field, the ALPHA can be equipped with the intelligent “path in path” feature, allowing the rear wheels to always follow the front wheels either manually, by to foot pedal, or automatically, which is especially useful on slopes. A slope sensor on the chassis permanently measures the slope to allow the angle of inclination of the wheels to be adjusted. It also automatically reverses the inclination of the wheels when the slope changes direction, for example in headlands.

The ALPHA evo III also offer the optional AutoSteering. By using GPS signal, all straight driving is managed by the AutoSteering system, allowing perfect driving paths.