Benefits of the HARDI PulseSystem: What makes it unique in precision agriculture?

No more under-dosing or over-dosing

Precision meets efficiency! 

Precision and efficiency are two of the most important factors in modern agriculture. With its remarkable features and advanced technologies, the HARDI PulseSystem has created a  great buzz. 

From drop size control capabilities to its CurveControl features and automatic switching capabilities, the HARDI PulseSystem has attracted both experts and farmers. In this blog, we will discuss the main advantages that set the HARDI PulseSystem apart from conventional systems.

CurveControl: Navigating turns with minimal chemical consumption 

The CurveControl technology in the HARDI PulseSystem ensures that individual nozzles are controlled so that the spraying application is the same throughout the boom. 

During curves, the outer boom moves faster than the inside boom. The PulseSystem makes sure that the spray is applied evenly across the whole boom, so you save on the spraying liquid. 

This prevents under-dosing and over-dosing on chemicals, thereby saving you chemical costs and contributing to its efforts to minimise environmental impacts. 


Droplet size control for minimal drift 

A key feature of the HARDI PulseSystem is its ability to maintain drop sizes with remarkable precision. The PulseSystem maintains droplet size and spray quality by simultaneously opening and closing the nozzles while retaining the nozzle at a 30-100% open pressure range. Therefore, the same nozzle can be used at several different driving speeds. 

Think of it this way: traditional setups often struggle with maintaining droplet size when you're pumping more liquid. But the PulseSystem stands out. It lets you keep those droplets just the way you want them, regardless of how much liquid is flowing. So, you get the most efficient flow rate and minimise the drift.

Precision through individual nozzle control 

The PulseSystem further enhances its superiority by automatically switching individual nozzles on and off. Despite a 36-meter boom with 72 nozzles, the system facilitates unparalleled precision during the spray job. 

In addition, the PulseSystem works with a single nozzle on/off – on a 36 m boom, all 72 nozzles are open and closed on nozzle level. This can be done, for example, via a digital application maps. The spray job can be done in small spots, the spot size depends on the spray width of the nozzle and a speed related security level, which is set up to open the nozzle early enough to hit the target. Depending on the amount of weed spots in the field, at the time of application, the saving potential is up to 90% compared to a complete broad spray of the field.

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Note: The HARDI PulseSystem is supplied for the conventional DELTA FORCE boom on AEON and NAVIGATOR, as well as the TWIN boom on AEON. 

* Not available for Australia and New Zealand 

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