More capacity – introducing the HARDI AEON 6000 and 7000

AEON series now ranges from 4200 to 7000 litres

Farmers are demanding greater spraying capacity and more effortless operation. The AEON series, designed for higher travel speeds with a completely new operating zone, has now been expanded with 6000 and 7000-litre tanks. Thus, the series now ranges from 4200 to 7000 litres. AEON sprayers are available with the conventional DELTA FORCE boom with 24 to 39 m or the air-assisted TWIN FORCE boom with 24 to 36 m. 

Enhanced capacity and unparalleled safety for the modern farmer

During the development process, the emphasis was placed on increasing spraying capacity without compromising safety and easiness of operation. Thus, the combination of a lower centre of gravity and a progressive hydraulic suspension system results in a successful increase of higher work speeds. '

The AEON chassis offers a high driving performance and smooth handling, thanks to its hydraulic axle suspension. The ComfortTrack wheel steer system enables a tight turning radius. Additionally, the unique mudguards pivot with the wheel to keep the nozzles clean also during turning in the headlands.

Furthermore, extensive work has been done on plant protection product-saving spraying systems. These systems combine innovative technology and smart design to optimise farmers' work processes and meet future environmental requirements.

Covered WorkZone and TechZone

The WorkZone on the left side is the operator position when filling the sprayer. The operator stands protected in clean surroundings and operates the sprayer via the FluidBox. The area is wellilluminated by LED lights, ensuring a shadow-free workspace and enhancing the overall operational experience. Filling, spraying, cleaning, and agitation processes can be fully automated.

The TechZone is placed under the shield on the right-hand side. The second pump, along with all electronic valves, is situated there for easy control and service.

Increase “uptime” with the SmartCom electronics

The SmartCom electronic platform on the AEON offers a range of features, such as the ComfortTrack steering system and the new fully remote-controlled fluid system. An intelligent FluidBox terminal in the work zone manages the operation of the fluid system.

Easier data transmission – AgriRouter

HARDI sprayers can communicate via the cloud with the AgriRouter system - a kind of electronic mail service. Via the HC 9700 controller, you can receive allocation cards from your consultant and, after spraying, seamlessly upload records to AgriRouter. The AEON technology provides a future-proof investment that allows for the precise application of plant protection products and, therefore, improved savings in time and cost.

Innovative application with HARDI PulseSystem

The HARDI PulseSystem is the base for a fast-reacting nozzle on/off. The PulseSystem also deals with the challenge of under-dosing or over-dosing while doing broad-field applications. By opening and closing the nozzles, the HARDI PulseSystem can keep the nozzles open from 30-100% at the same pressure and ensure the droplet size is unaffected. Therefore, the same nozzle can be used at several different driving speeds with a constant application rate.

The PulseSystem further functions with a single nozzle on/off system. Despite a 36-meter boom with 72 nozzles, the system facilitates unparalleled precision during the spray job. It enables accurate treatment of small areas, with spot size determined by the nozzle's spray width and a speed-dependent safety measure ensuring timely nozzle engagement for precise targeting. Depending on the density of weed spots during application, potential savings can reach up to 90% compared to a comprehensive field-wide spray.

The CurveControl technology in the HARDI PulseSystem ensures that individual nozzles are controlled so that the spraying application is the same throughout the boom. This prevents under-dosing and over-dosing of plant protection products, thereby saving farmers

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TWIN concept can reduce plant protection product consumption by up to 30%

Experience shows that the HARDI PulseSystem works effectively with the well-known HARDI TWIN FORCE system, which has already proven superior for over 35 years. Thus, the air assisted technology helps farms achieve the goals of the future with better spray penetration and coverage.

New techniques ensure less plant protection product use and lower operating costs

HARDI offers a range of features that contribute to limiting plant protection product use, helping farmers achieve a better operational economy and minimise environmental impacts. The EU Green Deal calls for a reduction in plant protection product use and risk by 2030. HARDI's vision is to provide the agricultural business with techniques and tools to achieve these future goals.

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