HARDI MINIDRIFT DUO tops Norwegian test of drift-reducing nozzles

Back in early 2018, the Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Council (Norsk Land-bruksrådgivning - NLR) decided to identify the best nozzle types during less than optimal weather conditions. The results have now been released.

The test was carried out in the same way as recognised by other test institu-tions. A small amount of a fluorescent chemical was added to the spray liquid, and the deposit on the crop was examined under UV-light. In this case the crop was barley with newly sprouted weeds.

A total of 15 different nozzles were tested (see table below). When looking at spray coverage only, HARDI MINIDRIFT DUO, Teejet AIXR and Hypro ULD were the three winners of the test. However, when looking at spray coverage and drift reduction, HARDI MINIDRIFT DUO was unbeatable according to NLR:

“The nozzles Teejet AIXR 110-03, Hypro ULD 120-03 and Hardi MD Duo 110-03 were the winners of the nozzle tests. All three nozzles pro-duced similar results in the spray coverage test as Standard 110-03 nozzles. At a pressure of 1.5 bar, Teejet AIXR will give 50 %, Hypro ULD 75 % og HARDI MD-Duo a full 90 % drift reduction.“

Translated from Norwegian – original article can be read at https://agder.nlr.no/fagartikler/nye-lavavdrifts-aakersproeytedyser-bedre-i-vind/