Designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer

Being the smallest in the large HARDI trailer range, the kinship does not fail. The RANGER is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer. This goal is reached and proven by successful world-wide sales since the introduction.

At the same time RANGER is leading in its class offering a big range of different features.

Quality and design
Booms based on toughly different concepts ensure the right boom for the specific need.

Intelligent tank and frame design ensure stability and strength. Unique components guarantee best performance and ultimate durability.

For better tracking in headland, the maintenance free mechanically driven SelfSteer system is the solution. With no operation or settings required by the driver, it is the best option to avoid crop damage.

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The WorkZone area contains all primary functions placed in an easy to reach position, designed to be simple and logical to understand and operate

TurboFiller is a high capacity induction hopper which makes the filling of chemicals fast and easy. The unique TurboDeflector creates a powerful liquid circulation in the hopper and mixes all types of chemicals quickly and safely

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Tank: 2500 l

Frame: High absolute clearance. Low centre of gravity

Diaphragm pump: Reliable and easy to service

Operating unit: Electrically operated pressure regulation on/off and sections

Controller: HC 5500

Liquid system: Intuitive and logical manifold system

Axle: Adjustable from 1.5 to 2 m

PRO boom: Compact, vertically folded boom: 12, 15, 18, 21 m

EAGLE boom: Simple and strong boom: 18, 21 m