Crop protection guide for Potatoes – coverage, deposit, and Penetration with HARDI TWIN

Precision is the Key! 

As a potato farmer, you understand the level of care and attention needed to cultivate healthy, thriving crops. Potatoes, being a root crop, demand special considerations throughout their growth cycle to ensure optimal yield and quality. From nutrient-rich soil to precise spraying techniques, every aspect of potato farming plays a crucial role in determining the success of your harvest. 

Effective crop protection is the key to safeguarding your investment and enjoying a successful harvest. This is where the air-assisted spraying becomes crucial for achieving optimal coverage, deposit, and penetration. The HARDI TWIN FORCE boom has remained the farmer’s top choice for many years. Yet, what makes it so beloved among them? Let’s dive in… 

Paul enjoys approx. a 60% savings in water usage with HARDI ALPHA with TWIN FORCE boom

Paul, who grows approximately 400 hectares of potatoes, says, “We mainly switched to air a few years ago because it requires less water per hectare to spray. Now, we only spray 100 litres of water per hectare instead of 250 litres. With air support, we will quickly go up to 12 – 15 driving kilometres per hour, while with other sprayers, we only get 5 to 6 kilometres per hour. So, we are achieving significant capacity increases by working faster and spray coverage of more hectares with only one sprayer.” 

The combination of precise coverage, excellent drift control, and TWIN technology allows for the application of smaller droplets under a greater range of conditions with TWIN. With air assistance, using lower water volumes can still ensure exceptional coverage across every leaf surface. TWIN FORCE boom delivers substantial savings in both water usage and time spent refilling, compared to the conventional spraying methods.

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Albertas says that the TWIN FORCE boom is perfect for Windy Days! 

Albertas, who has been growing about 140 hectares of Potatoes on his farm, also relies on the TWIN FORCE boom to ensure his potato fields receive the care that they deserve. With two COMMANDERs equipped with the TWIN FORCE booms, Albertas says that it is perfect for his farm and makes his field job easier. 

“The TWIN system on the COMMANDER is a unique solution, especially on windy days. It also has excellent coverage of vegetables such as potatoes and cereals during spraying,” says Albertas Petrovičius

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Conventional spraying vs. spraying with TWIN FORCE 

Conventional spraying often results in deposits primarily on the topside of plants. This often leads to less overall coverage and higher water consumption. Additionally, in windy conditions, drift becomes a concern, requiring the use of nozzles for coarse droplets. 

In contrast, TWIN air-assisted spraying offers numerous advantages, particularly in deposit distribution and coverage uniformity. Field trials have demonstrated that TWIN spraying outperforms conventional methods, especially in windy conditions. Farmers with the TWIN FORCE boom achieve significantly more even distribution on the entire plant, including the challenging underside of leaves. This factor is crucial for combating pests, weeds, and diseases effectively throughout the growth stages of potatoes. 

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Available with HARDI ALPHA, AEON, and COMMANDER 

If you are seeking the unparalleled performance of the TWIN FORCE, it is available with the trailed sprayers AEON and COMMANDER, as well as the self-propelled HARDI ALPHA. 

Using an adjustable curtain of air to entrain and direct the spray, TWIN FORCE can reduce drift by an astounding 80%, allowing you to save time and money and minimise the environmental impact.

The HARDI TWIN has garnered feedback from numerous markets, with end users consistently reporting increased capacity and improved efficiency in applying plant protection products per hectare. These advantages play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall economic well-being of farmers.     

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