Meet Paul Krol from the Netherlands, who owns 2 HARDI ALPHA sprayers with air-assisted TWIN FORCE booms. Paul, together with his wife and three sons, owns an arable farm where he grows approximately 400 hectares of potatoes and approximately 100 hectares of other crops such as sugar beets, corn, and so on.  

In this story, Paul shares his experience with the HARDI ALPHA with TWIN FORCE boom, and its benefits in his day-to-day farming operations. 

“We switched to TWIN FORCE boom because it reduces water usage. Now, we only use 100 litres of water instead of 250 litres per hectare.” 

TWIN  because …
Paul – why did you choose TWIN FORCE boom?

“We mainly switched to air a few years ago because it requires less water per hectare to spray. Now, we only use 100 litres of water per hectare instead of 250 litres. With air support, we will quickly go to 12 to 15 driving kilometres per hour, while with other sprayers, we only get 5 to 6 kilometres per hour. So, we are achieving significant capacity increases by working faster and spray coverage of more hectares with only one sprayer.”


Paul expresses that he is overall happy with the sprayer's performance, noting his longstanding experience with his HARDI sprayers. He also acknowledges the advancements brought by the air-assisted TWIN FORCE boom, recognising the continual progress in development. 

The combination of precise coverage, excellent drift control, and TWIN technology allows for the application of smaller droplets under a greater range of conditions with TWIN. With air assistance, using lower water volumes can still ensure exceptional coverage across every leaf surface. TWIN FORCE boom delivers substantial savings in both water usage and time spent refilling, compared to the conventional spraying methods.

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