Meet Albertas from Lithuania, who owns 2 HARDI COMMANDER sprayers with the TWIN FORCE boom. Albertas cultivates cereals and vegetables, such as potatoes, beetroots, cereals and rapeseeds. 

In this story, Albertas details the aspects of the COMMANDER sprayers that stood out to him and contributed to his satisfaction. 

“I have 2 COMMANDER Sprayers, and it’s perfect for my farm. The capacity is good, and it makes my field job easier.” 

COMMANDER because ...
Albertas - Why did you choose the COMMANDER sprayers?

Firstly, the capacity was good and ideal for my field. It also prevented deep track furrows, which avoided crop damage. This allowed me to have an easy and efficient harvest without much interference. 

Albertas – Why did you choose the TWIN FORCE boom? 

The TWIN system on the COMMANDER is a unique solution, especially on windy days. It also has excellent coverage of vegetables such as potatoes, and cereals during spraying. Also, the ability of the sprayers to replicate the terrain of the fields was another factor that I really liked.

How do you rate the overall sprayer? 

"Overall, I'm very happy with my 2 COMMANDER sprayers. It was just the perfect choice for my farm" - Albertas Petrovičius.

It's also easy to use and has straightforward maintenance. It helps in getting the job done smoothly and is easy to manage. 

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