Control unit

CB 2 or 4 sections - remote control
Manifold with electrical remote control of all functions and pressure equalization device. (Max 20 bar)

SV/2 - with remote control
Manifold with solenoid valves and remote control. Manual pressure regulation (max. 20 bar).

Control Boxes

The Fluid Box FB3610 is the standard equipment on all electrical operating units. Where more section valves is the case; the larger control box FB3620 is controlling the operating unit. The black & white rate controller DB3610 is, apart from being a spray computer, as well a control box for up to 4 sections operating unit, and two hydraulic pistons.

Operating units CB/2, CB/4, CA/2 & CA/4

Precision spraying is dependent on these - the very best - valve controls and constant pressure systems. Spray computer use is aided with the addition of a sonic flowmeter. As well operating units as SV and manual operating units are offered.

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