Blue boom lights retrofit kit

Do not let Poor lighting slow you down! 

Operating a spray job at night or without proper lighting can be challenging. Not only does it require extra attention, but it can also affect your speed, effectiveness and even safety.  

That’s where HARDI Blue Boom Lights Retrofit Kit comes in. The Blue Boom lights are designed with Blue LED technology to offer you superior illumination and the best visibility.  

Whether you're operating a COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR, ALPHA, or MEGA sprayer, this retrofit kit is the perfect solution to maximise your productivity in the field.  

Why Do You Need Blue Boom Lights?  

With the HARDI Blue Boom Lights Retrofit Kit, you can confidently tackle the spraying job in any lighting condition.

  • Spot clogged or blocked nozzles easily
  • Increase your working hours and easily work in low light or at night. 
  • Minimise the chance of errors.
  • Superior visibility means easily keeping track of the boom’s position and spray pattern.  

Easy installation and hassle-free process!

The HARDI Blue Boom Light installation is easy and requires no changes to your existing sprayer. Whether you have a COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR, ALPHA, or MEGA, you can easily install and make your spray job easier and faster. 

The Kit includes everything you need for an easy installation. Rest assured, you will have all the components required for an effortless setup.

Contact your HARDI Dealer! 

Are you ready to upgrade your sprayer with the Blue Boom Lights? Boost your productivity and ensure precision in every spray job. 

Get in touch with your dealer today and discover the benefits first-hand. 

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