Preparing Your Sprayer for the Season: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you prepared for the season?

Maintaining your sprayer on a regular basis is critical to ensuring that it performs at its best. In addition, you will be able to minimize unscheduled downtime and unexpected costs, while simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint.

For your sprayer to perform at its best in the coming season, it will need your attention and care after being stored for several months.

5 Key areas to check before the spraying season begins

  1. Check all the filters in the fluid, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Clean/replace your filters to remove any potential impurities.

  2. Check your pump and control unit - this needs to be done to ensure that there are no leaks in the system and that the systems will deliver your desired rate.

  3. Nozzle calibration - do a physical test of the nozzles to ensure that they are not worn out, which could result in incorrect outputs. Replace the nozzles if needed.

  4. Pressure sensor and pressure gauge - the pressure sensor is a key component for regulation and should be on point when the season starts. The pressure gauge needs to be fitted back in position after winter storage.

  5. Lubrication - there are multiple grease points on your sprayer, which will need your attention. Make sure your grease gun is calibrated before starting this process. An overview of your model’s grease points, and a lubrication plan, can be found in your operator manual.

Are you looking for maintenance assistance?

 If you are in doubt about any of these points or have questions regarding maintenance, please consult your operator manual in the section “Maintenance”.

You can also contact your local HARDI dealer, we are more than happy to assist you. Find your nearest HARDI dealer with our dealer locator: HARDI Dealer Locator

Find your nearest HARDI dealer

Does your sprayer need new parts?

There are many HARDI dealers worldwide, who keep a large stock of original HARDI parts. 

In the event that they do not have the parts in stock, HARDI’s main spare parts warehouse is ready to ship out the needed items with next-day delivery. 



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