New HARDI ALPHA TITANIUM line – More performance with modern design

A new look with a well-known high area capacity

The new HARDI ALPHA TITANIUM line features a new facelift and modern design upgrades and represents efficiency, precision and operator comfort. It showcases a fresh, modern aesthetic, carrying forward the design principles from the AEON trailed sprayer line introduced in 2019.

At the forefront of these changes is a re-shaped bonnet. The result is a self-propelled vehicle that not only performs excellently in the field but also exudes modern elegance.

Covering the Tier IV stage V engine, higher performing working lights to secure the best performance during night spraying. The new bonnet allows better access to the driver's cabin as well as easier access when servicing the engine.

Area performance and precision

The HARDI ALPHA TITANIUM line combines area performance and precision at an affordable price. Equipment and intelligent functions such as automatic boom height control, hydraulic track adjustment and responsive air suspension ensure precise and efficient work. In addition, the intuitive EvoCab makes all functions available to the driver, focusing on comfort, productivity, and safety.

Safety and unmatched viability

Safety is the focus of the new ALPHA TITANIUM line. With the “3-pillar concept”, which gives the operator more than 335° of unobstructed visibility, it guarantees the highest level of safety with a standard Category 4 cab.

All functions are controlled centrally from the cab. With the right hand on the SprayCenter, the driver has full control of the spray and hydraulic functions directly from the driver's seat.

Full integration and ISOBUS control

The AEF-certified HC 9700 terminal centralises all important information on a single 12.1" touchscreen and enables 2D and 3D viewing as well as split-screen functionality.

The ALPHA TITANIUM line is AEF ISOBUS certified, ENTAM tested, and Agrirouter capable. Additionally, XTEND technology allows drivers to effortlessly control and monitor activities from a tablet or smartphone application, increasing flexibility and convenience.

Easier data transmission – AgriRouter

HARDI sprayers can communicate via the cloud with the AgriRouter system - an electronic mail service. Via the HC 9700 controller, you can receive allocation cards from your consultant and, after spraying, seamlessly upload records to AgriRouter.

The ALPHA technology provides a futureproof investment that allows for the precise application of plant protection products and, therefore, improved savings in time and cost.

TWIN concept can reduce plant protection product consumption by up to 30%

The well-known HARDI TWIN FORCE system which has already shown itself to be superior for more than 35 years. Thus, air-assisted technology helps farms achieve the goals of the future with better spray penetration and coverage.

HARDI remains committed to equipping farmers with the tools they need to succeed while promoting technologies that minimise environmental impact. The HARDI ALPHA TITANIUM line represents the next chapter in our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions for agriculture.

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