Introducing HARDI S-Tip Nozzles: Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Spraying


If you’re a farmer or work in the agricultural industry, you know the importance of choosing the right nozzle for your sprayer. There is no doubt that an area's coverage, uniformity of application, and amount of potential drift are influenced by the nozzle used. 

Since 1957, HARDI has combined both design and materials to design nozzles that suit both crops and a wide variety of agrochemical products available today. A key reason for HARDI's worldwide success has been its commitment to quality.

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We are now introducing a new variant of our existing nozzles – The S-Tip nozzles. The S-Tip nozzles is the same reliable HARDI Nozzles, but with a new cap that fits the TeeJet and ARAG nozzle holders, which are commonly used by many sprayer manufacturers. 

The best part?
The S-Tip nozzles are available in all the same sizes as the regular versions of the HARDI nozzles. This means that you can now enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the right nozzles, regardless of the sprayer brand you own. The S-Tip nozzles fit most sprayers available in the market. 


The S-Tip nozzle from HARDI delivers precise spraying and maximum coverage, making it the ultimate solution for farmers. The S-tip version is available for the following models of HARDI nozzles: FLATFAN, LOWDRIFT, MINIDRIFT, MINIDRIFT DUO, INJET, QUINTASTREAM and our latest NANODRIFT nozzles. 

If you would like to know more about the nozzles from HARDI, please reach out to your local HARDI dealer. 

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