HARDI Introduces the new PRO FORCE Boom on the MEGA lift-mounted sprayer

Higher speeds and carry up to 2,200 litres

The fresh addition seamlessly combines stability and coverage, making it a significant standard for spraying application. The upgraded MEGA sprayer has been developed in response to the growing demand for higher-capacity lift-mounted sprayers.

The MEGA now showcases a modern design carrying forward the design principles established with the AEON trailed sprayer line in 2019. With the ability to spray at higher speeds and carry up to 2,200 litres, the MEGA now competes with trailed in terms of productivity. Its ease of operation and exceptional performance redefine lift-mounted precision farming standards.

New PRO FORCE boom range

Application precision requires high boom stability and performance, even in the most challenging of field conditions. That is why the HARDI MEGA is now available with the new vertically folded PRO FORCE booms from 15 to 28 metres.

The newly engineered pendulum-suspended centre section allows for meticulous fine-tuning according to field conditions. The boom follows the slope/inclination in hilly conditions and is highly responsive in flat areas.

The optional hydraulic anti-yaw dampers guarantee peak performance and complement the mechanical damper for outstanding results on hilly terrain or swift headland turns. For added convenience, the heavy-duty lock facilitates effortless single-side folding.

New boom wing design

The new modular boom wing design gives maximum protection to the boom fluid system. This setup allows for the integration of precision farming solutions like the Pulse System or PrimeFlow with AutoNozzleControl. The distinct boom segments are securely fastened and easy to adjust through a newly engineered over-centre locking device.

Top-tier hydraulic solution

With the electro-hydraulic operation controlled by the HARDI SmartCom electronic platform, this system is designed to seamlessly integrate high-performing solutions such as ActiveSlant or AutoTerrain boom management. Combined with the heavy-duty suspended boom lift of the MEGA, it achieves excellent performance even at high-speed drives. The new hydraulic design introduces Auto Fold for swift and secure boom folding, providing maximum comfort. Additionally, it also supports Partial folding of the boom for added functionality.

SmartCom controller – intelligent farming

The SmartCom electronic platform is fully ISOBUS-compatible for easy communication with tractors and controllers. This technology empowers farmers with precise and responsive liquid regulation, expedited diagnostics, and a seamless transition into digital farming. Through field mapping, it elevates application precision and diminishes chemical consumption. The system can be easily operated from the cabin using an ISOBUS terminal alongside a primary joystick and a secondary SetBox.

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