This high-end steering drawbar concept offers a tight turning radius. A combination of advanced electronics, proportional valve and two large hydraulic cylinders ensures a safe, accurate tracking with user-friendly operation.

Preventing tilt over

IntelliTrack has an integrated safety feature which prevents the cylinders from steering the drawbar when the driving speed is too high for the given turning radius.

The controller will constantly monitor the forward speed and steering angle width to make sure that the tracking is not used when it is not safe. If the tractor driver attempts a 90° turn at e.g. 15 km/h, the IntelliTrack system automatically computes the data and straightens up the drawbar. These settings are user defined.

When the IntelliTrack has been calibrated, the operator only needs to attach 2 small chains to the tractor, before he can start spraying. Together with the brackets, the two connection chains build a trapeze which tolerates slack forced or drawbar torsion.

For a better stability when turning, the pivot point between trailer and drawbar is angled. This feature helps you minimizing the turning radius down to 6.0 m on the NAVIGATOR 3000 and 4000 and 8.5 m on 5000 and 6000.

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