Designed for high-speed driving under the most demanding field and road conditions. The robust NAVIGATOR frame is made of high-tensile steel and is ready to meet the tough demands of the professional farmer.

The concept gives the best compromise between excellent clearance and low centre of gravity.

Low centre of gravity

The entire NAVIGATOR design has the lowest possible centre of gravity without compromising clearance under the sprayer.

Unique design with long drawbar
The long drawbar is one straight line from the coupling point to the axle. Being bolted underneath the frame, it ensures good driving stability and absorbs the up-and-down forces at high-speed driving. The drawbar is available as a fixed or as a steering drawbar and in a low or high-hitch version.

Perfect clearance

The unique design of axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance, reducing crop damages to the absolute minimum. No brake rods or steering components are lower than the axle.

SmoothRide suspension
The SmoothRide suspension system is uncomplicated, reliable and requires little or no service. The suspension provides a better ride of the sprayer, ensuring higher capacity and comfort.

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