The MEGA has been designed with a strong focus on user-friendliness and ease of operation, with the WorkZone being a fine example. In this area, everything you need to operate the sprayer is available, with all primary functions placed in easy-to-reach positions. The WorkZone is designed to be simple and logical to operate.

CleanWater tank for hand washing
The 15 l tank is integrated into the design of the WorkZone to ensure easy access and operation.

Easy access to the tank lid
The lid is located close to the ladder, on the right side, allowing easy inspection of the tank. Additionally, the tank is designed to give the operator excellent visibility of all tank walls.

Excellent service access
To aid service accessibility, the majority of electronic components and connections are located in a box behind the main tank, well protected from chemicals and the elements.

Easy access to filters
To ensure easy reach from the ground, the EasyClean suction filter is placed on the right side of the machine and the Cyclone pressure filter on the left.

Protected placement of gauges
With excellent visibility from the tractor, the pressure gauge is well protected mounted at the front of the sprayer as integrated components of the CleanWater tank.

For easy access within the WorkZone, we have located the SafetyLocker on the left side of the MEGA.

RinseTank – Safe and efficient cleaning
To enable safe and efficient cleaning in the field, we have added a 170 l RinseTank on the right side of the MEGA.

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