Drift control

Weather dictates most everything a farmer does. Wind in particular can force a farmer to interrupt or postpone spraying due to drift.

The HYS AIR STREAM boom uses air streams to direct the spray to the target, reducing drift and increasing crop penetration and coverage. Less drift means more spraying days, higher application speeds and fewer filling stops. It also allows farmers to address pests and diseases as they appear rather than having to wait for calmer spraying days.

All in all, this will give the farmer higher spray capacity, real savings on water and plant protection products and a better environmental footprint.

Control drift with air

The HYS AIR STREAM boom is fitted with a blower unit and an inflatable air bag running the length of the boom. The air exits the bag through openings along its underside, creating forward-angled air streams, which hit the spray before it reaches the crop. The air distribution along the bag is very even, creating a curtain-like airflow that focuses the spray onto the crop.

The HYS AIR STREAM is available in two versions – a standard HYS driven by tractor hydraulics and an upgraded HYSZ operated by electro-hydraulics directly from the tractor cabin.

Both models offer boom lift, optional slant and flexible fold/tilt of the entire boom, one arm or outer sections – with or without air – for easy passage of obstacles in the field.

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