HARDI FrontTank

The HARDI front tank will give you extra options for your spray job, either as a nurse tank for bringing more water into the field, or combined with the main tank as one functioning unit.

The tank is made of high-impact polyethylene and has a liquid-free level indicator, located on top of the tank, for easy visibility from the driver's seat. The linkage is made for a category 2 front linkage.

Nurse tank solution
The FrontTank and frame can be used as a nurse tank solution. In the field, the water from the front tank can be sucked into the main tank, new chemicals can be added, and the spray job can continue without having to drive back to the filling station.

Chemical tank solution
By adding an agitation pump kit and an electric valve kit, the front tank can be used as a separate chemical tank. Thus, the operator can choose – from the comfort of the driver's seat – whether he wants to use the spray solution from the front tank or from the main tank.

In this scenario, the pressure empty function will be used for pumping liquid from the rear to the front tank. On the suction side, a remote S93 valve will be added. The return from sections and agitation is still active on the main sprayer, so the operator has to control that the main tank is not overfilled.

The front tank has, as a standard, a 135 l rinse tank.

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