The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique self-cleaning pressure filter that uses a high-speed cyclone for additional cleaning action. The cyclone action increases the cleaning capacity of the filter significantly. This ensures fewer stops and reduced pressure loss in the liquid system. Furthermore, the HARDI CycloneFilter has a unique boost function that allows the filter to be flushed “on-the-go” when needed.

The cyclone created inside the filter increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, thereby increasing the efficiency of the self-cleaning action.

The filter is fitted in an upright position, meaning that spill can be avoided when inspecting the filter.

EasyClean Filter

The HARDI EasyClean suction filter is a high capacity filter with a very large filter surface. The filter is placed on the right side of the MEGA and can easily be checked from the ground.

When servicing the filter the lid is rotated through 90 degrees automatically closing the main tank valve to allow safe operation and maintenance of the filter without any risk of spillage.

Two flaps inside the filter ensure that impurities sustained will be removed when the screen is pulled out.

Very high capacity system
The EasyClean suction filter is a high capacity filter capable of 450 l/min. It is fitted in an upright position allowing and easily serviced from the ground with no spill.

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