The diaphragm pump

At the heart of a HARDI sprayer sits the robust and easy-to-service pump that HARDI is so well known for. The invention of this pump constituted the foundation upon which HARDI was founded more than 60 years ago. HARDI was the first to use diaphragms to separate the liquid from bearings, crankshaft and other vital pump parts, thereby allowing the pump to run dry without damage. In addition, this pump distinguished itself by being operated directly from the tractor’s PTO shaft.

The pump is self-priming and will be able to prime the filling and spraying system.

Open crankcase
The HARDI diaphragm pump is grease lubricated and has an open crankcase. If a diaphragm fails fluid is able to run out of the crankcase, avoiding costly repairs to shafts and bearing and downtime.

Able to run dry without damage
The HARDI pump can run completely dry without any damage at all.

Easy service pump
The pump is mounted on the rear to a specific bracket. Diaphragms and valves can be changed without taking out the pump. New greasing system.

No contact between chemicals and moving mechanical parts
All moving parts are completely separated from the liquid running through the pump.

The pump transmission is either done with a standard PTO or with an optional wide angle PTO shaft.

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